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5 Things You Can Do in 2012 to Help Support the Health Justice Movement

Happy New Year from all of us at Health Justice CT! Achieving health justice ensures people have healthy, happy, self-sustaining and productive lives.

We hope joining the movement to achieve health justice is on top of your resolution list, because we need everyone to be involved!

This year, we need more people to pay attention to health equity issues, ask tough questions and collaborate as a community on achieving relevant behavioral and social results to create better chances for better health for all.

Here are 5 things you can do to help advance the Health Justice movement:

  1. Join our online community! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or sign up for email alerts. This will give you an opportunity to comment on blog posts, join the conversation and hear from us often.
  2. Talk to your friends, family members and legislators about health justice. What does health justice mean to you? The more voices in this conversation, the better!
  3. Participate in community events or trainings to learn more about what you can do advance this movement. Also tell us about upcoming events and trainings – we’ll share it on our community calendar.
  4. Tell us about what you are doing! We want to highlight the work of individuals and leading organizations in this field and to call attention to academic, policy and real life successes.
  5. Participant in the Health Justice CT Challenge. We’re looking for new ideas to achieve health justice and the challenge prize money ($10,000) provides an opportunity get the funding ($10,000) you need to help improve the health of CT residents.  Submission deadline is January 31, 2012 – so please, act quickly!

Let us know what you’d add to this list to help shape and support this social movement.

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