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Andre Blackman

Andre Blackman is an agent of change and innovation within the public health community. He is very passionate about the role of new media, mobile technology and other useful innovations as it relates to health communications and public health in general – resulting in Public Health 2.0. Andre feels that public health and new media are focused on the people, so there should be parallels to how they both interact.

His background consists of science and technology organizations, health nonprofits and traditional public relations. Through his consulting/advising vehicle, Pulse + Signal, Andre aims to educate and provide strategy for a variety of healthcare (public/community health, pharma, etc.) related organizations and initiatives who want to make use of the new socially interactive landscape; generating new ideas for greater impact.

Andre has been a featured speaker/commentator on a number of Public Health 2.0 related conversations around HIV/AIDS, mobile health, health disparities and new forms of health journalism. He has worked alongside organizations such as the Black AIDS Institute, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health and the North Carolina Division of Public Health to educate and promote innovation around important health initiatives and opportunities.

You can find his thoughts on public health and innovation through his blog, Pulse + Signal and via Twitter

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