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April is ‘Get Yourself Tested’ Month

April is STD Awareness Month, a time to get yourself tested for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and raise awareness to people both young and old the importance of discussing sexual health with your partner and healthcare provider.

STDs are a major public health issue and while serious health threats from STDs cross racial and ethnic lines, some groups are disproportionately affected than others.  African Americans, for instance, represent 12 percent of the US population, yet account for almost half of all reported chlamydia and syphilis cases.

These alarming numbers prompted us to ask why these disparities existed and whether these national incidences are true in Connecticut. Last year, we were fortunate enough to speak with Carol Steinke, a savvy public health nursing supervisor at the Hartford Health and Human Services about this issue.

Check out this video we made in partnership with Hartford HHS, and make sure to Get Yourself Tested.

Image credited to the Get Yourself Tested Campaign.

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