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Ashley Fox, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Department of Health Evidence and Policy. Learn more about Ashley here.

The Fleecing of Single-Payer in Vermont: Are Americans too stupid to understand universal health coverage as some health economists think?

What began with a bang in 2011 ended with a whimper last month when Governor Peter Shumlin tabled legislation that would have brought the nation’s first tax financed, unified health system to the state of Vermont. Shumlin, who narrowly won reelection in a too close to call race by vote … Read More

Another Unsuccessful Spin for the Democrats: Implications of the Midterm Elections for the ACA

The results of the midterm elections show that the Democrats have once again allowed the Republicans to control the narrative on the health of the nation. They further squandered an opportunity to counter the false rhetoric that the country has been on the wrong path under Democratic control. The Republicans … Read More

VA Needs to be Supported not Undercut

In a report released to President Obama last Friday, White House Deputy Chief of Staff Rob Nabors found “a corrosive culture” and inadequate resources contributed to the Veteran Affairs health care scandal. The allegations that led to resignation of Eric Shinseki as VA Secretary has the potential to be more than … Read More

From All-Payer to Single-Payer?

With the bungled roll-out of the Federal Healthcare Exchange,, attention has moved to examples of state-level success at enrolling uninsured individuals in health care plans. In this respect, Connecticut stands out as a leader: since the state’s healthcare exchange opened last October, CT has enrolled 170,021 residents , a number … Read More

Bringing Sexy back to the States fixes may have met its December 1st deadline for improving the online health-insurance marketplace, but the unrelentingly flow of criticisms over the glitches will continue to pester the Obama administration. However, what is often not mentioned in the “Obamacare narrative” is the Republican Party’s role in the bungled roll-out … Read More