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Health Disparities Round-Up – April 18, 2014

Dictionary Series - Health: veganNew Haven Register: In New Haven, ‘Afro-Vegan’ cookbook author hails gardening as activism – “Sometimes a cookbook makes a great manifesto. In a pair of local appearances this week, for example, “Afro-Vegan” chef Bryant Terry stormed the barricades of food inequality with an armful of recipes and a dash of charm. Terry, an Oakland-based food activist and author, transformed a traditional Sunday potluck dinner at Beulah Heights First Pentecostal Church in New Haven over the weekend. On Monday, he sat down for a master’s tea at Yale University.” >> Read More

the CT mirror: Obamacare exchange’s final tally: 208,301 people signed up – “The final numbers are in: Access Health CT, the state’s health insurance exchange, signed up 208,301 Connecticut residents for health care coverage. Of those, 78,713, or 37 percent, signed up for private insurance plans. The other 129,588 are enrolled in Medicaid. The open enrollment period for private individual-market insurance ended March 31, but Access Health gave extra time to people who began the application process but didn’t complete it by the deadline, and to people who tried to sign up. On March 31, the exchange received 5,364 voicemail messages from people with questions about their applications and took the contact information from about 5,000 people who tried to enroll in person or online but faced difficulty, according to Access Health.” >> Read More

Huffington Post: Will Health Coverage Translate Into Getting Health Care? – “More than 7.5 million people have signed up for new health coverage through the Affordable Care Act’s state and federal health insurance marketplaces at the close of the first enrollment period. The Department of Health and Human Services reports that another 3 million people have gained health coverage through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) as of the end of February, compared to figures five months earlier. Now we’re about to find out something critically important: whether having health coverage translates into receiving health care.” >> Read More

New Haven Register: Connecticut closes health care gap as more children move to state-funded insurance – “More Connecticut children moved to state-funded health insurance in recent years, as the recession and sweeping changes in publicly funded health care led to a surge in enrollment. Less than 4 percent of Connecticut children are without insurance, which is one of the lowest percentages of any state in the nation, according to a report by the State Health Access Data Assistance Center, titled “For Kids’ Sake: State-Level Trends in Children’s Health Insurance.”” >> Read More

NBC News: Report: 5.4 Million Newly Insured Under Obamacare – “More than 5 million Americans who didn’t have health insurance before have been able to get coverage since September, according to a new report released Thursday. The report seeks to answer one of the big questions surrounding the government statistics surrounding the law known as Obamacare — how many people have gained health insurance under the new rules? Early statistics had suggested that many of the people who rushed to buy the plans available on the new health insurance exchanges were just swapping out of other coverage. But the new report suggests the law is having its intended effect of getting people covered who weren’t before.” >> Read More

the CT mirror: DSS call center wait times drop, but two-thirds of callers still hanging up – “‘So many of the low-income people in our state are using cellphones that have a limited number of minutes per month, and that’s the piece that’s really relevant when it comes to wait times on a call center, because if you call and you’ve got limited minutes on your cellphone, you’re not going to sit around and wait on the phone,” said Deb Polun, director of government affairs and media relations for the Community Health Center Association of Connecticut.”  >> Read More

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