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Health Disparities Round-Up – December 2, 2013

We hope everyone hadThanksgiving a wonderful Thanksgiving. Due to the holiday we are posting Friday’s health disparities roundup today, Monday, December 2nd.

: Thanksgiving and 500 years of health disparities among Native Americans – “Since Europeans first began moving onto what is now “American” soil, some 500 years ago, native populations have suffered. As millions of families sit down to celebrate a holiday based on fables involving the indigenous people of this land, it’s important we take an honest look at the current state of native health, and how feasting on Thanksgiving Day is painfully ironic for a variety of reasons.” >> Read More

New York Times: Medicaid Expansion Faces Major Logistical Challenges Among the Homeless  – “Today, most state Medicaid programs cover only disabled adults or those with dependents, so Mr. Cannon and millions of other deeply impoverished Americans are left without access to the program. But starting Jan. 1, President Obama’s health care law will expand Medicaid coverage to adults with incomes under 138 percent of the federal poverty line, and enrollment is expected to increase by about nine million next year. Thousands of homeless people will be among the newly covered. Housing advocates say they believe that the Medicaid expansion has the potential to reduce rates of homelessness significantly, both by preventing low-income Americans from becoming homeless as a result of illness or medical debt and by helping homeless people become eligible for and remain in housing.” >> Read More

The Washington Times: Obamacare website ‘fixed,’ but label of failure sticks; more bumps expected, lawmakers are wary – “The Department of Health and Human Services said Sunday that it met the Dec. 1 deadline imposed by President Obama to fix major glitches plaguing since the website’s nationwide debut two months ago.” >> Read more One Woman’s Personal Battle To Find Latino Bone Marrow Donors – “Latino and Hispanic patients can have a harder time finding a donor than other patients. Patients are most likely to match people who share their heritage. Today, fewer than 940,000 (only 10%) in a registry of 11 million members are Hispanic or Latino heritage,” said Patricia Fernandes, a recruiter for The Icla da Silva Foundation  the largest recruitment center for the Be The Match Registry in the United States.” >> Read More

CT Mirror: 6 things to consider when picking your health insurance – “People looking for health insurance in 2014 have two options: Buying plans through the state’s health insurance exchange or “off” the exchange. The exchange, called Access Health CT, offers individual insurance policies sold by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, ConnectiCare and a new insurer called HealthyCT. The exchange also offers plans to small businesses, sold by Anthem, HealthyCT and UnitedHealthcare. Plans offered on the exchange are also available to people who want to buy them outside the exchange. Other plans are available outside the exchange only. People can buy those “off-exchange” plans through a broker or through an insurance company directly.” >> Read More Black Participation Low in Clinical Trials – “Despite many breakthroughs in medicine, health outcomes for African Americans continue to be disproportionately bleak. Blacks experience higher incidences of certain diseases such as diabetes and hypertension and have higher mortality rates from stroke, heart attack, breast cancer and some other maladies, data shows. The lack of African-American participation in clinical trials, where valuable research is conducted that can cut down on the incidences of certain diseases and save lives, may be contributing to the higher mortality rate, experts said.” >> Read More

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