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Health Disparities Round-Up – January 10, 2014

Senior Man in a Wheel ChairJust in case you missed it, here’s some of the latest health disparities news, posts and reports from this past week.

Kaiser Health News: Millions Of Lower-Income People Expected To Shift Between Exchanges And Medicaid – “While government officials have spent months scrambling to fix the federal health law’s botched rollout, another issue is looming that could create new headaches for states, health plans – and patients. In 2014, millions of people are expected to shift between the health exchanges and Medicaid, as their income fluctuates over the year. That could be costly for states and insurance companies, and patients could wind up having gaps in coverage or having to switch health plans or doctors.” >> Read More

Science 2.0: Racism Will Literally Make You Old, Say Epidemiologists – “African-Americans having a shorter life expectancy and a greater likelihood of suffering from aging-related illnesses at younger ages compared to European-Americans. A new paper claims that it may be racism impacting aging – at the cellular level. The correlation is that the epidemiologists, doing their part to turn their field into sociology, found signs of accelerated aging in African-American men who who had internalized anti-African-American attitudes or reported high levels of racial discrimination.” >> Read More

Forbes: Hospital Quality Helps Explain Some Of The Racial Disparities In Outcomes After Bypass Surgery – “It has long been known that racial disparities exist in health care. A large body of research has found that nonwhite patients have worse outcomes than whites. But it has been difficult to understand the underlying reasons for these disparities.  Now a new study offers evidence that, at least in the case of bypass surgery, a significant but by no means complete portion of this disparity is due to decreased access among nonwhites to high quality hospitals.” >> Read More

Huffington Post: Hispanic Women Less Likely To See Cardiovascular Risks Of Being Overweight  -“Hispanic women are significantly less likely than non-Hispanic white women to understand basic cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk and information, according to new data published in the Journal of Women’s Health that also looks at those who are overweight. Not only was knowledge regarding CVD lacking among Hispanic women, they were also found to significantly underestimate their weight–a CVD risk factor–compared to non-Hispanic whites.” >> Read More

Connecticut I-Health Team: Cost To Reach CT’s Uninsured: $156 Million – “What does it take to build a health insurance exchange that works? An early start. A detailed plan. A staff and contractors who know what they’re doing. Lots of public outreach. And in Connecticut, $156.3 million. That’s how much it’s expected to cost to get the new federally mandated exchange, Access Health CT, up and fully running. The exchange began enrolling people Oct. 1, but the “build” of the system continues through this year as bugs are fixed and functionality is added.” >> Read More

The Courant: Kaiser: More Than Half Of Connecticut’s Uninsured Eligible For Medicaid, Insurance Tax Credits – “More than half of Connecticut’s uninsured population last year qualified either for Medicaid or a subsidy to offset part of the cost of private health insurance, according to a new report released Monday by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a health policy research institute. The report put Connecticut’s uninsured population at 286,000, based on last year’s census estimates. That is substantially lower than 344,000 estimated last year by the state health insurance exchange, Access Health CT, though it wasn’t immediately clear why the two estimates were so different. >> Read More Conn. meets health care enrollment goal – “Though Connecticut’s health insurance exchange launched much more smoothly than embattled federal site, it still faced challenges — and more are anticipated in the year ahead.”We’re only about three months into a three to four year experience,” said Kevin Counihan, president and CEO of Access Health CT, the state’s health insurance exchange.” >> Read More

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