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Health Disparities Round-Up – January 2, 2015

NewsJust in case you missed it, here’s some of the latest health disparities news, posts and reports from this past week.

The Washington Post: The racial gap in health has been shrinking for decades — but it still hasn’t closed – “Improvements in public health played a large role, as did progress on civil rights and decreases in income inequality — but we don’t fully understand the contributions of each. Nor do we understand, for that matter, why stubborn differences still exist between the health of black and white Americans. Take life expectancy. A white baby born in 1900 might live into his or her late 40s; a black baby’s life expectancy was 10 or 15 years shorter, depending on whose data you believe (Boustan and Margo make a case for the optimistic figure).” >> Read More

WNPR News: Kevin Counihan Says Affordable Care Act Shares Fundamentals With State Exchange – “Counihan got national attention because of the success of Access Health CT, the state agency responsible for the implementation of the president’s signature health care law. In August, Counihan was picked to run the entire federal insurance marketplace. “It’s really a difference of scale and scope,” Counihan said. “The fundamentals of the exchange are the same.” He said that more than ten million people got insurance through Obamacare in the first year; the rate of people without insurance dropped; and hospital readmission rates are down.” >> Read More

The CT Mirror: ConnectiCare leads the pack in new Obamacare enrollment – “Overall, 85,496 people are slated to have private insurance plans through Access Health as of Jan. 1. The enrollment period runs through Feb. 15, but Monday was the deadline to sign up for coverage that takes effect Jan. 1. People who sign up by Jan. 15 will begin coverage Feb. 1, while those who enroll by Feb. 15 will get coverage starting March 1.” >> Read More Report: 4 million actively enroll in health plans – “The first 50-state report on the latest sign-up season under President Barack Obama’s health care law shows that more than 4 million people selected plans for the first time or re-enrolled in what the administration called “an encouraging start.” More than 3.4 million people enrolled using as of Dec. 15, and more than 600,000 people selected plans in the state-run marketplaces, according to a Department of Health and Human Services report released Tuesday. The figures are generally up-to-date through Dec. 13.” >> Read More

Modern Healthcare: Poverty, poor diabetes management go hand-in-hand: study – “People who have difficulty paying for food and medications are associated with a higher likelihood of having poorer control over their diabetes, according to a new study examining the relationship between nonmedical determinants and health outcomes. About 39% of patients studied reported to have at least one material need, such as food insecurity, unstable housing and underuse of medications due to cost, according to the study published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine.” >> Read More

The Pulse: Will ‘Health in all Policies’ take center stage in 2015? – “Each January, we make guesses about the people and things we think you’ll be talking about in the New Year. Our first pick for 2015 is the idea that whole neighborhoods—homes, workplaces—and some laws—should be deliberately designed to promote health. Experts use the phrase “Health in all Policies.” “Public health is working with transportation, with housing, with agriculture, with education, with the justice departments, really with anyone who makes decisions that impact what a community looks and feels like,” said Linda Rudolph, director of the Center for Climate Change and Health at the Public Health Institute.” >> Read More

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