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Health Disparities Round-Up – July 6, 2015

Flag of the LGBT community on sky backgroundJust in case you missed it, here’s some of the latest health disparities news, posts and reports from this past week.

Kaiser Health News: High Court’s Decision On Same Sex Marriage Expected To Boost Health Coverage Among Gay Couples – “The logic is simple. Fewer than half of employers that offer health benefits make the insurance available to same-sex partners who aren’t married. Virtually all of them offer coverage to spouses. By marrying partners with employer health plans, people in same-sex relationships are likely to get coverage in states that banned gay marriage until now, as well as in those that welcomed it. Thanks to rapidly shifting legal ground, 37 states recognized gay marriage before last week’s ruling, up from nine in 2012.” >> Read more

Think Progress: How Marriage Equality Could Make The Country Healthier – “Because LGBT Americans are a historically underinsured demographic group, providing them with additional avenues to get coverage could make a big difference. Advocates for marriage equality have long argued that recognizing LGBT couples’ relationships will help address some of the health disparities — like struggling to afford medication and opting to skip doctor’s appointments — that disproportionately affect gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals. Aside from insurance benefits, there are other ways that advancing marriage equality is expected to have a positive impact on LGBT Americans’ overall health.” >> Read more

Connecticut Health I-Team: Report: Women In CT Denied Some Mandated Health Benefits – “Women in Connecticut have been denied health insurance benefits in violation of the federal Affordable Care Act, according to a study by the National Women’s Law Center. Connecticut is one of 15 states included in the study, which analyzed the 2014 and 2015 health plans of companies that provide coverage under the ACA in state marketplaces. It found violations in all 15 states and concluded that they are likely occurring nationwide.” >> Read more

Huffington Post: The Quality Of Health Care You Receive Likely Depends On Your Skin Color – “Unequal health care continues to be a serious problem for black Americans. More than a decade after the Institute of Medicine issued a landmark report showing that minority patients were less likely to receive the same quality health care as white patients, racial and ethnic disparities continue to plague the U.S. health care system. That report, which was published in 2002, indicated that even when both groups had similar insurance or the same ability to pay for care, black patients received inferior treatment to white patients. This still hold true, according to our investigation into dozens of studies about black health across multiple disciplines. More than any other single group, the black community is most likely to have negative health outcomes, including higher rates of breast and prostate cancer, high incidence of HIV/AIDS, higher rates of infant morality — along with high rates of childhood obesity and asthma in young adults.” >> Read more Obama: ‘Feeling pretty good’ about health care – “Fresh off a Supreme Court victory, President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he’s “feeling pretty good” about the state of his health care law and pleaded for bipartisan cooperation on ways to make it work even better. Obama said he wants to refocus the debate on improving health care quality, expanding access and eliminating waste now that the high court has upheld a key element of the Affordable Care Act.” >> Read more



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