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Health Disparities Round-Up – May 16, 2014

flicker christina careThe Courant: CT Health Survey: 45% Of Adults Suffer From Chronic Disease – “Forty-five percent of Connecticut adults in a survey released Wednesday reported that they have been diagnosed with a chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, heart disease or cancer. That rate was “very high,” said Frances Padilla, president of the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut. She said she was also struck that 28 percent of adults aged 18 to 44 reported in the new Connecticut Health Care Survey that they have one of those serious illnesses.” >> Read More

WNPR:  State to Expand Medicaid to Cover Private Therapy – “As it stands now, low-income adults on Medicaid can only get care from a psychologist or a licensed clinical social worker at a clinic. Advocates say that can lead to long waits for appointments and reduced access to care. The state has said it plans to change this policy.”  >> Read More

CT Mirror:  Obamacare got them insurance, but patients still face barriers to care – “The law known as Obamacare helped thousands of Connecticut residents get health care coverage. But for many, getting coverage eliminated just one of many barriers to getting health care.”  >> Read More 

Digital Journal: Healthify Raises $500k to Address Social Needs, Healthcare’s Blindside – “New York, NY (PRWEB) May 14, 2014 – Healthify, a healthcare technology startup founded to help insurers better address patients’ costly social health needs, today announced that it has closed a $500,000 seed round. Healthify is part of the Blueprint Health network and was founded by a team of Johns Hopkins alumni. The round closing, which coincides with Healthify’s launch in New York and Maryland, was led by a group of angel investors. Social determinants of health – issues like food insecurity, housing, and substance abuse – that go unaddressed are linked to an additional $85 billion a year in Medicaid spending and poor health for over sixty million Americans. Healthify helps insurance plans and providers manage, track, and engage with these determinants to improve quality and reduce the cost of care.” >> Read More

The Washington Times: ‘Woodwork’ Medicaid population puts non-expansion states on the hook – “States that opted not to expand Medicaid under Obamacare may still shell out more money for the program because the law’s publicity brought previously eligible people out of the “woodwork,” said an analysis released Tuesday. Avalere Health, a Washington-based consultancy, said reported growth in Medicaid enrollment in these states for the first three months of the year ranged from 0.1 percent in Texas to more than 10 percent in Montana.” >> Read More

CT Post: Health law gives pregnant women new options – “WASHINGTON (AP) — The health care law has opened up an unusual opportunity for some mothers-to-be to save on medical bills for childbirth. Lower-income women who signed up for a private policy in the new insurance exchanges will have access to additional coverage from their state’s Medicaid program if they get pregnant. Some women could save hundreds of dollars on their share of hospital and doctor bills. Medicaid already pays for nearly half of U.S. births, but this would create a way for the safety-net program to supplement private insurance for many expectant mothers.” >> Read More

New York Times: Medicaid Shift Fuels Rush for Profitable Clients – “When Hurricane Sandy flooded two adult homes in Queens, hundreds of disabled, elderly or mentally ill residents were caught in the surge. After weeks in public shelters, they were bused, over their objections, to a dilapidated four-story building called King’s Hotel, in a crime-ridden section of Brooklyn. Many had not showered in days. Crammed three cots to a room, they lacked basics like clean underwear. But in the parallel universe of New York’s redesigned Medicaid program, they represented a gold mine. Business managers from CenterLight Healthcare, a managed care company specializing in long-term services, huddled in a ground floor hotel room, poring over health data and spreadsheets that identified residents by name and room number. At the managers’ direction, crews of enrollment nurses tracked down residents to pressure as many as possible to sign up with the company’s long-term care plan, according to current and former CenterLight employees who were there.” >> Read More

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