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Health Disparities Round-Up – November 21, 2014

Blister package of supplementsJust in case you missed it, here’s some of the latest health disparities news, posts and reports from this past week.

Huffington Post: From Birth Control to Culturally Competent Care, Affordable Care Act Breaks Down Health Care Barriers – “With the Affordable Care Act (ACA), essential preventive care is now available to insured people without co-pays or other out-of-pocket expenses. This includes annual check-ups, vaccines, blood pressure and diabetes screenings, mammograms, colonoscopies, and STI and HIV testing, among other services. All insurance plans must also include maternity coverage.” >> Read More

CT MirrorAccess Health says it has 11,604 new Medicaid and insurance customers – “In the first week of open enrollment, 2,659 new customers signed up for private insurance plans and 8,945 people signed up for Medicaid through Access Health CT, the state’s health insurance exchange… Access Health officials are aiming to sign up 70,000 new customers for Medicaid and private insurance plans during the open enrollment period, which runs from Nov. 15 through Feb. 15.” >> Read More

Politico: Undocumented immigrants won’t get Obamacare – but Latino coverage could rise – “The lack of access to health coverage for a population with an estimated 60 percent uninsurance rate remains a bitter pill for immigration reform activists who otherwise welcome Obama’s moves. But for the Latinos who are in the U.S. legally, the president’s new policy may spur more enrollment. Many people working on Hispanic enrollment have said people have voiced fears that signing up could somehow lead immigration officials to undocumented family members, threatening them with deportation.” >> Read More

Health Affairs Blog: Challenges For People With Disabilities Within The Health Care Safety Net – “Medicare and Medicaid were passed to serve as safety nets for the country’s most vulnerable populations, a point that has been reemphasized by the expansion of the populations they serve, especially with regards to Medicaid.  Yet, even after 50 years, the disabled population continues to be one whose health care needs are not being met.  This community is all too frequently left to suffer health disparities due to cultural incompetency, stigma and misunderstanding, and an inability to create policy changes that cover the population as a whole and their acute and long-term needs.” >> Read More

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