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Health Disparities Roundup – Friday, October 12, 2012

Here’s some of the latest health disparities news, posts and reports from this past week.

Voxxi: Significant health disparities among Latino subgroups in the U.S. – “Latinos may share a heritage, but when it comes to issues and services there are significant health disparities between Latino subgroups in the United States. Twin studies from Florida State University (FSU) researchers, one dedicated to men and one dedicated to women, indicate Mexican-Americans, Cuban-Americans and Puerto Rican-Americans are all very different when it comes to certain health criteria.” >> Read More

Colorlines: Collateral Damage in the War on Women – “Up until last September, when massive state budget cuts took effect, Planned Parenthood had eight clinics throughout the county and served about 21,000 mostly poor and Latino clients a year. Now the network is down to four centers. Stripped of public funding, the rural sites were the first to go.” >> Read More

New York Times: This Election, a Stark Choice in Health Care – “When Americans go to the polls next month, they will cast a vote not just for president but for one of two profoundly different visions for the future of the country’s health care system. With an Obama victory on Nov. 6, the president’s signature health care law — including the contentious requirement that most Americans obtain health insurance or pay a tax penalty — will almost certainly come into full force, becoming the largest expansion of the safety net since President Lyndon B. Johnson pushed through his Great Society programs almost half a century ago.” >> Read More

Hartford Courant: ‘Better’ neighborhood a mixed blessing for youth – “Moving to a more prosperous neighborhood may help some girls from poor areas feel less distressed, but could harm some boys, a new study suggests.” >>Read More

 Huffington Post: A Misguided Mandate: Is Banning Sugary Beverages the Answer to the Obesity Epidemic? – “New York City’s ban on sugary 20-ounce beverages has certainly caused it hare of controversy, and of course, questions about why other beverages like fattening milk shakes or ice cream sodas are exempt from the law.As a bariatric specialist, I am always preaching “Don’t drink your diet, “but what does that really mean?” >> Read More


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