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Health Disparities Roundup – June 21, 2013

Connecticut Road SignJust in case you missed it, here’s some of the latest health disparities news, posts and reports from this past week.

Slate: Is Connecticut the Best State Now? – “Connecticut has eked out a narrow victory over the cradle of the American Revolution in this fascinating report on overall well-being. The 2013-14 report, released yesterday by Measure of America, under the auspices of the Social Science Research Council, slices and dices America’s performance not just on income, but on various metrics of health and education as well.” >> Read More

ABC News: Eliminating Racism Might Increase Life Expectancy – “Medical studies increasingly show that racial bias, whether overt or subtle and unintentional, can lead to chronic stress problems among victims — and stress can literally alter how our brains work and how we  respond to germs, according to Paula Braveman, director of the Center on Social Disparities in Health at the University of California, San Francisco.”  >> Read More

Capsules: Feds Pitch Broad Payment Options For Obamacare Customers – “Federal health officials have proposed that all health plans selling insurance on the new online marketplaces must allow for easy payment options for households without bank accounts or credit cards. The government’s decision to mandate a menu of payment options including cashier’s checks, money orders and re-loadable pre-paid debit cards comes amid increasing pressure from consumer advocates and business groups that are concerned low-income working families would be required to purchase health coverage under the Affordable Care Act but would have no way to pay their monthly bill.” >> Read More

the CT mirror: Location is a challenge as organizers try to bring free dental clinic to Hartford – “For each of the past six years, the Connecticut Mission of Mercy has drawn thousands of patients to its annual two-day free dental clinic. Each clinic has been held in a different part of the state, and for the past couple of years, organizers have been hoping to hold one in Hartford.” >> Read More

Huffington Post: It’s Time to Demand the Health Care We Deserve – “The LGBT community experiences significant health disparities — and discrimination — for a wide variety of reasons. A 2009 report by the Center for American Progress, “How to Close the LGBT Health Disparities Gap,” analyzed the 2007 California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) and other data relating to LGBT health and revealed disturbing disparities: Nine percent of LGB adults have been diagnosed with cancer, compared with 6 percent of heterosexual adults; LGB adults are more likely to have problems with alcoholism (44 percent to 33 percent); and transgender adults are far more likely to have suicide ideation than non-transgender adults (50 percent to 2 percent).” >> Read More

NBC Latino: Obesity is officially a disease, says American Medical Association – “Obesity is officially a disease, the American Medical Association has determined, a decision which gives added seriousness to a condition that affects more than one-third of adults and 17 percent of children nationwide, as well as 31 percent of Latinos nationwide.” >> Read More

Health Canal: High Blood Pressure Among Blacks and Young Adults Is Focus of $11M Stroke Prevention Project – “Sidney is director of the new Stroke Prevention / Intervention Research Program, awarded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and  Stroke (NINDS), and principal investigator for Kaiser Permanente
Northern California. “The goal of the first study in this research program is to decrease the disparity by 4 percent over one year…” >> Read More 

Connecticut Health Foundation: HUSKY A Parents Retain Coverage: A Health Policy Win through Partnership – “CT Health continuously strives to work in alignment with our policy and advocacy partners. In this case, the Medicaid Strategy Group, which CT Health and a number of our grantees participate with, alerted us to a need for objective policy analysis quantifying the consequences of the budget proposal to reduce Medicaid eligibility for HUSKY parents above 133% of the federal poverty level. The result was this brief.” >> Read More

Health Affairs Blog: Lessons From Early Medicaid Expansions Under The Affordable Care Act – “The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will dramatically expand Medicaid in a number of states starting in January 2014. In this month’s issue of Health Affairs, new research from DeLeire and colleagues on Wisconsin’s 2009 BadgerCare expansion and from Price and Eibner on predicted cost and coverage impacts of the Medicaid expansion provides insights on the implications of state decision-making about whether to expand the program.” >> Read More

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