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Health Disparities Roundup – May 31, 2013

iStock_000001564472XSmallJust in case you missed it, here’s some of the latest health disparities news, posts and reports from this past week.

New York Times
: States’ Policies on Health Care Exclude Some of the Poorest  – “The refusal by about half the states to expand Medicaid will leave millions of poor people ineligible for government-subsidized health insurance under President Obama’s health care law even as many others with higher incomes receive federal subsidies to buy insurance.” >> Read More

The Atlantic: Health Care and Social Justice  – “With that said, if you look at a map of which states are refusing the Medicaid expansion, and then look at this report from the Urban Institute, a troubling (if predictable) trend emerges. Approximately a fifth (about 18 percent) of all people who will remain untouched by the Medicaid expansion are black. When you start drilling down to the states where those black people tend to live, it gets worse. In Virginia and North Carolina, 30 percent of those who are going to miss out are black. In South Carolina and Georgia, the number is around 40 percent. In Louisiana and Mississippi, you are talking about 50 percent of those who would be eligible for the expansion but who will go uncovered.” >> Read More

Huffington Post: The National Healthcare Quality Report and Essential Health Benefits: Opportunity Squandered  – “This month the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) through its Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) released the 2012 National Healthcare Quality Report, along with the companion 2012 National Healthcare Disparities Report. The opening paragraph of the report describes the purpose of our health care system. It is “…designed to improve the physical and mental well-being of all Americans by preventing, diagnosing, and treating illness and by supporting optimal function. Across the lifespan, health care helps people stay healthy, recover from illness, live with chronic disease or disability, and cope with death and dying. Quality health care delivers these services in ways that are safe, timely, patient centered, efficient, and equitable”. “Unfortunately”, the report goes on to say, “Americans too often do not receive care they need, or they receive care that causes harm. Care can be delivered too late or without full consideration of a patient’s preferences and values. Many times, our system of health care distributes services inefficiently and unevenly across populations. Some Americans receive worse care than others. These disparities may occur for a variety of reasons, including differences in access to care, social determinants, provider biases, poor provider-patient communication, and poor health literacy.” >> Read More

Forbes: Closing Racial And Ethnic Disparity Gaps: Implications Of The Affordable Care Act – “For all intents and purposes, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the President’s signature piece of legislation, will provide more health care coverage to poor and underserved populations. Persistently disadvantaged communities have much further to go than those with insurance, and new means of accessing and paying for care will benefit them disproportionately. Nevertheless, with more than 20 percent of the nation’s Black population uninsured, more than 30 percent of Hispanics uninsured and a country still grappling with understanding and properly addressing disparities, just how far does the ACA take us?” >> Read More

Huffington Post: Pedaling Towards Equity: Communities of Color Lead Surge in Bike Use  – “”The New Majority: Pedaling Towards Equity” uncovers stories and data that point to consistent disparities and inequities in the manner in which people of color, women and youth — including groups that are bicycling at higher rates and have more to gain in terms of bike benefits — are engaged in bicycling-related matters… The report also underlines stories of powerful local efforts of communities organizing to address these issues, opening up new lanes to cycling in communities often overlooked by traditional transportation planners and cycling advocates.” >> Read More

The White House Blog: Affordable Care Act Increases Insurance Choices – “A memo released today shows that, based on early reports, the Marketplace is attracting new insurance choices and increasing competition for consumers, all across the country.  In the states with early data, an estimated 80 percent of the people who will enroll in the Marketplace will have five or more different insurance companies to choose from, instead of just one or two.  On average, issuers plan to offer more than 15 qualified health plans per state, according to early reports.”  >> Read More

Salud Today: Study: Fast-Food Chains Near Urban Schools Affect Obesity More among Blacks, Hispanics – “When their schools are near fast-food restaurants, black and Hispanic adolescents are more likely to be overweight and receive less benefit from exercise than Asian or white students, according to new study.” >> Read More

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