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Health Disparities Roundup – September 13, 2013

Just in case you missed it, here’s some of the latest health disparities news, posts and reports from this past week.

istock_000020105870medium-nggid0280-ngg0dyn-320x240x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010NPR: Connecticut Takes Obamacare To The People – “All across Connecticut, you can see billboards and TV ads, hear radio spots and get pamphlets about how to get insurance under the new health care law starting Oct. 1. But the state is also using less traditional, and more expensive, ways to get the word out.” >> Read More

New Haven Register: First-of-its-kind health care forum in Connecticut brings together providers, patients – ““Better Health: Everyone’s Responsibility,” set for Sept. 17 at the Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford, is a step in bringing patients and providers together to discuss joint decision-making in medical care – from medication management, to end-of-life care, to navigating provisions of the Affordable Care Act. The goal of the summit – open to the public – is to break down barriers between providers and the people they serve, by giving both sides a crash course in key health-care issues and effective ways of communicating.” >> Read More

CT Mirror:  ‘Medical home’ program now reaches a third of Medicaid patients – “As of Sept. 5, 982 health care providers were participating in the program, (person-centered medical home) either as fully qualified members or as part of a “glide path” for those still working to meet all the standards. Altogether, they see 218,511 Medicaid patients, about a third of the approximately 640,000 Connecticut residents covered by Medicaid.” >> Read More

Huffington Post: The Affordable Care Act: Real Benefits for LGBT People – “While much of the news coverage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has focused on the bipartisan bickering and controversy surrounding its passage and subsequent attempts to repeal it or challenge it in court, the benefits for the health of the nation are generally overlooked. In particular, there has been little focus on the ACA’s benefits for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). Recent data show that there are about 9 million LGBT people in the United States, accounting for roughly 3.5 percent of all Americans. Thanks to research at The Fenway Institute and elsewhere, we know that there are several specific health disparities that affect our community.” >> Read More Health

Affairs Grant Watch Blog: How We Decided To Be a Health Equity Funder: The Connecticut Health Foundation’s New Strategic Direction – “Earlier this year, the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) announced a strategic shift and new five-year plan that will, incrementally, move us from being a funder with three priority areas to a funder with health equity as its central focus. While there is no universal “health equity” definition, health equity to this foundation simply means helping more people of color access better care. Our approach to expanding health equity involves leveraging our resources and relationships to (1) help people get enrolled in affordable health insurance, (2) help them navigate the health system to get needed care, including community-based care, and (3) transform the delivery system to provide care that is more comprehensive, affordable, and accountable.” >> Read More

Char-Koosta News: The Affordable Care Act and what American Indian and Alaska Native People can expect – “The Affordable Care Act will provide 579,000 uninsured American Indians and Alaska Natives an opportunity to get affordable health insurance coverage. The following provides an overview of the coverage and benefits available to American Indians and Alaska Natives today and those made possible beginning in 2014 by the Health Insurance Marketplace.” >> Read More

Capsules Blog: Law Will Shift Demographics For Medicaid Toward Healthier Group, Study Finds – “The health law is expected to change the face of Medicaid – literally. As part of the federal overhaul, some states have opted to expand in January this state-federal health insurance program for low income people to include Americans who earn as much as 138 percent of the federal poverty line (just under $16,000 for an individual in 2013). As a result, the new enrollees will include more white, male and healthy individuals than those eligible before the Affordable Care Act expansion, according to a study in the Annals of Family Medicine.” >> Read More

New Geography: The Emerging Geography of Inequality –  “With the exception of New York, and its spillover to  Connecticut, the northern part of the country has much lower inequality than  the southern half, presumably because of a less severe racial and ethnic  history, but also because of the differential history of unionization and  welfare measures between north and south.”>> Read More

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