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Health Disparities News Roundup – Friday, October 28, 2011

Just in case you missed it, here’s some of the latest health news and reports from this past week

Time Healthland: How Economic Inequality Is (Literally) Making Us Sick – “It’s called economic inequality. A growing body of research suggests that such inequality — more so than income or absolute wealth alone — has a profound influence on a population’s health, in every socioeconomic group from rich to middle class to poor.” >> Read More

The Gazette: Iowa Hispanics disproportionately affected by asthma – “DES MOINES, IA  (October  25, 2011)—The American Lung Association released a new report today, Luchando por el Aire: The Burden of Asthma on Hispanics, which provides an overview of the complex biological, environmental, political and cultural factors that increase asthma’s burden on the Hispanic population in Iowa and across the country.  This report is part of the Lung Association’s Disparities in Lung Health Series.” >> Read More

The Atlantic: Poverty and Mental Health: Can the Two-Way Connection Be Broken? – “People who live in poverty are at increased risk of mental illness compared to their economically stable peers. Their lives are stressful. They are both witness to and victims of more violence and trauma than those who are reasonably well off, and they are at high risk of poor general health and malnutrition. The converse is also true: When people are mentally ill, they are at increased risk of becoming and/or staying poor. They have higher health costs, difficulty getting and retaining jobs, are less productive at work, and suffer the social stigma and isolation of mental illness.” >> Read More

CT Mirror: Homelessness, income disparity and housing costs rise – “Family homelessness, income disparity and the number of households burdened by housing costs increased in the last year as Connecticut remains one of the most expensive states in which to own or rent a home, according to a report issued by the Partnership for Strong Communities Monday.” >> Read More

CT Mirror: Don’t mourn SustiNet; move on to reform  – “When it’s time to settle old accounts, Puerto Ricans say, “Borron y cuenta nueva.” The idiomatic expression literally means erase and start a new account – in other words, move ahead.” >> Read More

American Progress: How Deficit Reduction Proposals Would Affect Communities of Color – “The deficit-cutting 12-member panel in Congress, otherwise known as the super committee, is quickly approaching its Thanksgiving deadline to find an additional amount of at least $1.2 trillion in deficit savings over the next 10 years. Unfortunately, as the holiday approaches, the members are in a familiar deadlock over taxes versus spending cuts to important programs such as Medicaid and Social Security.” >> Read More

Discover Magazine 80 Beats: Moving to a Better Neighborhood Can Be as Effective as Drugs in Preventing Obesity and Diabetes, Study Suggests – “The results of such a study, conducted by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, have now been published, and they show that moving from low-income housing projects to a neighborhood with less than 10% of people living below the poverty line does have a positive effect on health. “ >> Read More

[email protected]: Trust vs Distrust in Health Care System a Factor in Racial Disparities for Colon Cancer Survival – “Differences in how various groups of patients with colorectal cancer interact with the health care system may help explain why survival rates for this cancer are lower among blacks than whites, according to research presented at the annual meeting of the Surgical Outcomes Club, held in conjunction with the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress.” >> Read More Healthy People 2010 misses targets on obesity and health disparities – “The nation’s health improved during the past decade as adult cholesterol levels decreased and fewer people smoked cigarettes, according to the final review of Healthy People 2010. Such improvements led to an increase in life expectancy.  But the country fell short of meeting Healthy People 2010 goals in some of the most critical areas, including reducing obesity and health disparities.” >> Read More


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