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Health News Roundup — Friday, September 9, 2011

Just in case you missed it, here’s some of the latest health news and reports from this past week.

Health Equity Matters: Joint Center Releases Reports on How Poverty Concentration and Racial Segregation Exacerbate Health Inequities – “The reports, A Lost Decade: Neighborhood Poverty and the Urban Crisis of the 2000s, produced in collaboration with the Poverty & Race Research Action Council, and Segregated Spaces, Risky Places: The Effects of Racial Segregation on Health Inequalities, underscore the links between poverty and racial segregation in metropolitan neighborhoods and the health of the people who live in them.” >> Read More LGBT patients: Reluctant and underserved – “In general, LGBT people have an increased risk of developing cancer and contracting sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, experts say. They also are more likely to drink alcohol, smoke, use drugs, be overweight, attempt suicide and engage in other risky behaviors than heterosexual counterparts, according to physicians who specialize in treating LGBT individuals. Yet they remain medically underserved, data show.” >> Read More

CT Post: In “Reclaiming Our Health,” author advocates for better health choices among African Americans – “In “Reclaiming Our Health,” author advocates for better health choices among African Americans – “We spoke spoke with Gourdine — now the CEO and principal consultant of Michelle Gourdine and Associates, a Maryland-based health policy consulting firm — about the reasons why African Americans suffer so inordinately from chronic illness and, as the author put it, how they can “leave a legacy of better health for our children and their children.””  >> Read More

Science Daily: Modeling Disparities May Help With Cervical Cancer Prevention  – “Researchers reported that explicit inclusion of disparities in cost-effectiveness analysis, would allow policy makers to identify strategies that would reduce overall cancer risk, reduce disparities between racial ethnic subgroups, and be cost-effective, according to a study published online September 6 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.”  >> Read More During African Heritage Month, Push to Educate Public, Fight Health Disparities – “This week marks the beginning of African Heritage Month in the US, and as the country embarks upon its annual celebration of African culture, a network of Black immigrants is hoping to use the period as a time to raise awareness about both the unique contributions and dire health disparities African immigrants face in the United States.” >> Read More

Policy and Medicine: Kaiser Survey Shows Majority of American’s Still Oppose Affordable Care Act – “Over a year after the landmark health care reform legislation passed—the Affordable Care Act (ACA)—the majority of Americans are still scratching their heads and asking how this legislation will help our health care system become more cost-effective and efficient.  While there has been vast support for certain provisions, such as extending insurance to children up to the age of 26, no lifetime limits or limits on pre-existing conditions, Americans are still concerned about the overall legislation.”  >> Read More

Harvard Business Journal: Anthem wants 12.9 pct. rate increase – “Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Connecticut’s largest health insurer, is asking state regulators to approve a 12.9 percent rate increase on its individual policyholders. The proposed change would affect 25,560 policyholders in Connecticut.” >> Read More

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