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Six tips for making a winning video #hjctchallenge

Today’s post originally ran on December 12, 2013 and has been updated.

6 tips low resThe Health Justice Challenge has begun, and this year we’re looking for videos about how the Affordable Care has benefited you or someone you know.

Here are six tips to create a winning video:

  1. Read the rules carefully. Most importantly, remember that the submission deadline is December 31, 2014 at 11:59 pm and you have to be a Connecticut resident to participate.
  2. Be authentic. Make it personal. These stories are intended to show how the Affordable Care Act are benefiting Connecticut residents. If you don’t have your own healthcare story, tell stories about those who are benefitting and what it means in their lives. Here are examples of the types of stories we are looking for.
  3. Lead with positive messages when discussing the new healthcare law.  Here are examples messages you can use.
  4. Pick how you are you going to deliver your healthcare story. Here are some ideas:  a) Create a storyboard and tell your story in your own voice. c) Tell your story in Q&A video format.  c) Tell your story through song or dance. Create an original song, rap battle, music video, etc.  This video created by a Young Invincible video contestant is a good example. d) Tell your story through animation: This video created by the Newtown High School for last year’s video challenge is a good example.
  5. Make sure information in your video is accurate, if you include statistics or facts. Please provide references/citations either in your video or in the end credits. Also if your video is in a language other than English, please provide English subtitles.
  6. Once your video is submitted, encourage your friends and family watch, vote, “like,” share or comment on your video. The official “viewing and voting” period will begin January 8, 2014.

We will be taking questions via Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #hjctchallenge. Please call us at (860) 263-9204 or email us with questions or comments.


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