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Don’t Be Camera Shy! It’s Easy to Participate in the HJCT Challenge!

We’re less than three weeks away from the challenge deadline, and we’ve gotten some anxious calls about the video portion of the Health Justice CT challenge.

Don’t worry– in this digital age, anyone can create a video! And just to show you how easy it is to make a video and participate in the challenge, my #hcsmct colleagues and I created an impromptu video to show you how easy it is to pick up your phone, iPad or camera and share your idea. (Just don’t make a video in a loud coffee shop like we did.)

As you can see, your video does not need to be professionally done. We’re looking for real stories from the community, so let your story and idea shine.

For those who are looking for best practice video-making tips, check out Kathy Klotz-Guest‘s video below. She made this video just for you– to help challenge participants participate. (Click here for more  video-making tips.)

So if you have a good idea to achieve health justice in Connecticut – participate in the challenge! Don’t get camera shy on us.


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