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Michael Curtain

Michael Curtin, a senior provider network manager at Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield in North Haven, believes one avenue he can take to end health disparities is his network of relationships with employees and management at Anthem and at Connecticut hospitals.

Active in his community, Curtin vividly recalls what motivated him to become involved. “One day, when I was a bank teller, a gentleman I knew who regularly cashed his paycheck with us needed a personal check cashed. After staring at me for a few minutes, he finally asked me how to spell ‘one hundred dollars.’” That moved Curtin to join the Literacy Volunteers of Greater Waterbury, and help with community-related projects at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury and the United Way.

Curtain is a graduate of the University of New Haven with a master’s in finance management and a bachelor’s in business administration.

Curtain can be reached at [email protected]

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