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“The days of 10,000 dollar videos are gone”

“The days of 10,000 dollar videos are gone,” said panel speaker Kerry Shearer.

It was day two at the National Conference on Health Communications, Marketing and Media and Shearer’s afternoon session on web video story-telling was very well-attended.

Perhaps one of the reasons why is that we’re all looking for new ways to do more with less. And Shearer generously shared how easy and inexpensive it is to use web videos for health promotion, information sharing and outreach.

Feeling inspired by his talk, I decided to follow suit and create a video, too. Here is Shearer on why you should use web videos to promote good health:

This interview was conducted at the “Social Media and Videos: New Methods for Message and Storytelling” session; and was moderated by HealthJusticeCT advisory board member and Pulse and Signal founder, Andre Blackman and included panel speakers Karen Mercincavage from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Virginia Pribanic from MedRespond, LLC.

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