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Want to make a difference? Understand the media

Every year, lobbying outfit Betty Gallo & Company host and coordinate an extraordinary event called the Connecticut Lobbying Conference at the Lyceum in Hartford.  With support from the Connecticut Health Foundation, I attended the conference last October.

Am I a legislative neophyte?  Definitely not.  I’m a lawyer, policy analyst, and communicator for the Connecticut Association of Directors of Health, so advocacy is a place I’m comfortable.  But championing local public health and health equity is never easy work.  And with a dismal financial outlook this legislative session, I knew I needed all the help I could get.

So where would my Conference journey take me?  Being a successful change agent starts with telling a successful story.  That’s why I chose an afternoon break-out session called “Working with the Press.”  Below are some key lessons learned:

  • Reporters will be your friend, but you won’t be theirs. Reporters are not there to champion your cause; they’re there to write a balanced, unbiased story. Accordingly, anticipate opposing views, and address them.
  • Relationships with the media are long-term. If a reporter ignores your press release today or writes an unsatisfactory story, move on.  Preserve the relationship and enjoy a “win” going forward.
  • Timing is everything. Pick a day and time that are likely to be “slow” and your story is more likely to be reported.
  • Ask yourself: what’s the news? Simply reporting on your cause or your good work is not enough. Tie it to the release of a new study, the anniversary of a significant event, or something else that makes it newsworthy.
  • Humanize the story. Who is impacted? How? Issues need a face.

So what does this mean for me?  It was an excellent reality check.  I am a passionate advocate for local public health and health equity.  These are my issues, so they matter to me; but not to everyone.  I am ready for some excellent self-scrutiny and salesmanship to my soon-to-be new found friends in the press.

Promotion of public health and health equity doesn’t have to be a hard sell. With the right twist, on the right day and with a human face, the story will sell itself.

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About Alyssa Norwood

Alyssa Norwood, JD, MPH is Project Manager for Connecticut’s Legislative Commission on Aging, a nonpartisan public policy and research office of the Connecticut General Assembly. Learn more about Alyssa here.

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