Health Disparities, No Laughing Matter #hjctforum

In a time when the politics of the day seems more polarized than ever on the issues that affect us all, humor can be used to connect people with different points of views.

Health Justice CT is proud to host “Health Disparities, No Laughing Matter,” a light hearted dialogue of a serious subject.  The event will take place on Monday, May 21st, 6:00pm, at The Grove, located on 71 Orange Street in New Haven.

Jay Finch, featured columnist for the Hartford Courant and Journalism professor at Southern Connecticut State University, writes about world events, politics, race, religion, and law enforcement – pretty serious stuff. However, something of Jay’s that really caught our attention was a hilarious article he wrote about getting a Colonoscopy.

Toilet humor aside, we felt Jay’s wit and witticism would make him the perfect moderator for this discussion.

The discussion will feature contributors from Health Justice CT: Madeleine Curtis,Eve Hyde,Tegan Preston and George Nixon.

Each person will bring a different perspective to hot button issues such as women’s health, the affordable care act, and economic inequities.  This is an opportunity for the public to learn more about these issues and have an open dialogue about community solutions.

The event ticket is $5 per person, which will include sliders and beer. Adults 21 and older, please. Space is limited to 45 participants, so please register today (below).